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This show is uniquely comprise of acoustic guitar , keyboard , foot bass pedals
and drums. the bass pedals allow bass lines to accompany the guitar ,
vocals and drums in real time.

broad-board appeal is the flagship of this show. with over
650 songs from many genre's, from the Allman Brothers
to the Grateful Dead; Eric Clapton slide Guitar to Bob Marley ,
Tom Petty to Ray Charles. i can accommodate any Crowd

I have played lead guitar for greats like Rick Danko from the Band,
and played lead guitar for ten years with No Baggage Blues Band out of Vail,
Colorado. i draw on all my musical experience and imagination to deliver
top notch sound with the skill and intensity. i have been working out of the
Fort Myers , FL area for the Past 10 Years.

I Look Forward to serving your Entertainment Needs.
References Available on Request.

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