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By : Glenn Milligan - Http://


David Barber - Tricky Situation (S/R - 2011)

A quirky sounding dude from the Cape Coral part of Southwest Florida

who is rather a good player when it comes to a guitar. it has a tranquill

Beachy vibe to it. Kinda Jimmy Buffet meets Country & Blues.

obviously not the all at the same time of course. its on the okay to

really good scale. Kinda reminds me of my Buddy T-Bone & The houserockers at various Moments. it opens up with the cracking laid back and sometime bluesy title track "Tricky Situation" and later there's a cooking bango based tune called "Some Price to Pay" - the picking by a guy called Mike Milford who needs to be checked too if he is around "Do you See" is lovely "n" bouncy too with a beautiful piano line running through it. He even throws in a few covers too - the one that gets my ear the most is his version of the Doors "Light My Fire". or what about the true as hell "Forclosureville" about what is Happening there & has been for a few years now - Hey you even get the video throw in too -- Excellent / Stick this in Your Fuse Box US Goverment /  this album is definitely a grower on you 7.5.10 -  Glenn Milligan




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