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David Barber

Solo Musician


This solo show is uniquely comprised of acoustic guitar, keyboard, foot base pedals, and drums.  The base pedals allow base lines to accompany guitar, vocals and drums in real time.


Broadband appeal is the flagship of this show, with over 650 songs from many genres.  From the Allman Brothers to The Grateful Dead; Eric Clapton slide guitar to Bob Marley; Tom Petty to Ray Charles.  I can accommodate any crowd.  


I have played lead guitar for greats like Rick Danko from The Band, and played lead guitar for ten years with the No Baggage Blues Band out of Vail, Colorado.  I draw on all my musical experience and imagination to deliver top notch sound with skill and intensity.  I have been working out of the Fort Myers, Fl area for the past 10 years.


I look forward to serving your entertainment needs.

References available on request.



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